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What are the benefits of fostering?

Here at Peyton's Safe Haven, we are always looking for new foster mama's and papa's! Realistically, the more fosters we have on hand, the more animals we can save from shelters and euthanasia, especially bottle babies (both kittens and puppies). So what are the benefits? 

Fostering animals is a truly incredible experience and the benefits animals get from living in a warm, safe home as opposed to simply existing in a shelter are huge. Giving an animal a safe and loving home when it is too young to be adopted out from a shelter is crucial for the healthy development and socialization of the animal!

Fostering an animal means the animal will have a home to decompress in and begin to bloom! It also provides close human and other animal contact, which in turn builds bonding and trust. Also, this affords dogs and cats the opportunity to learn tricks, be house trained and crate trained, and show their wonderful true colors. Kennels at shelters create extreme stress and most animals will not “show” well because they are so stressed out. Puppies and kittens adopted straight out of an animal shelter and who have not had the positive experiences of being in a foster home, will often display unwanted behaviors. These young animals all too often end up back in a pound after these behaviors can no longer be tolerated. You will be making the animal(s) you chose to foster more “adoptable" and giving them a much better chance of finding their forever home instead of being euthanized or given back to a shelter.

You can also chose to foster a injured, abused, or recovering animal. Nurturing and looking after an animal who is recovering from illness or surgery until it is well enough to be put up for adoption, is truly a wonderful and heartwarming thing to do, but more importantly it is incredibly healing for that animal to be in a home with people that can truly look after it as opposed to remaining isolated in a small cage in a shelter. Taking into your care, a formerly abused, neglected and  frightened animal and being able to provide it with a nurturing, safe environment as well as plenty of love, company and also, but very importantly, gently, positive training, will be giving this animal the best possible chance of becoming a happy, confident and balanced animal.

Foster carers play a huge roll in the rehabilitation of tormented animals and it is thanks to their commitment that these animals are healed enough, both physically and emotionally, to then be able to become a candidate for adoption.  This takes dedication and work, but it is an incredibly special experience and makes you feel on top of the world!


So when the day comes, that your foster finds that perfect home, the rewarding feeling you will experience is something very special and indescribable. You will feel a sense of pride, in knowing that you helped this animal accomplish and overcome any issues prior and now is safe and alive because of you. You will also see their new family smile, laugh, and know they have found their new best friend, all because of your dedication. 

What are the steps to become a foster parent?

  1. Decide on what kind of animal you are able to foster (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc).

  2. Go to our “Forms and Links” and fill out and send us a foster application.

  3. If approved, someone will come and do a home check on your home to ensure that the animal will be safe in your home. Please know that we do this to ensure the animal’s safety. It is not because we do not trust you. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

  4. Once approved, we will contact you with animals that need fostering!